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  • One obvious advantage [of lisp syntax] is that there hardly *is* any syntax. You can learn enough Lisp syntax to write useful programs in about ten minutes.

    Mark J. Dominus

    If you are a prospective employer, you can view my CV here.

    Who Am I

    I’m Thomas. A self-taught software developer from Brazil and the Netherlands who grew up in the Middle East. I started to code at the age of 9, writing batch scripts 1 on my schools Windows 7 machines to toggle folder visibility with a password. That became necessary because the genius IT guys at our school decided we should all save our work onto a shared NAS where everyone has read+write access to everyone else’s work. How could that ever go wrong.

    These days my interests lie mostly in CLI development. I take a great joy in writing simple yet highly effective tools to solve problems not only in the easiest way, but also in the most extensible way possible. I think my batch file-renaming utility mmv does a great job at that.

    That being said, I also have a great interest in operating systems, shells, and really anything that could be considered remotely low-level. I’m not totally afraid of front-end development, although I did write this site in plain HTML and CSS because modern HTML frameworks are the worst excuses for software I have ever seen.

    As for my religious- and political beliefs, let’s make those clear: