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    lux.hquery and manipulate screen brightness

    library “liblux”

    #include <lux.h>

    The liblux library is a C library (C++ compatible) that allows you to query information about and modify the state of the systems display brightness. The library defines a lux_t type which is used as an argument to all the library functions. This struct contains relevant file descriptors and other cacheable information; it’s fields are not intended to be accessed directly by the library user but only by library functions.

    The liblux library offers three sets of functions, each with their own manual. These sets of functions are used to allocate and free the lux_t structure, to query brightness information, and to modify brightness information.

    The following functions deal with the allocation of library structures:

    The following functions deal with querying information regarding display brightness:

    The following functions deal with modifying display brightness:

    luxdec(3), luxdecp(3), luxfree(3), luxget(3), luxgetp(3), luxinc(3), luxincp(3), luxinit(3), luxmax(3), luxset(3), luxsetp(3)

    Thomas Voss <[email protected]>

    August 7, 2023 Linux