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    mkpassmake a password

    mkpass [-l length] [chars]

    The mkpass utility allows you to easily create randomly-generated passwords from the command-line. By default, mkpass generates a 64-character long password of printable characters. If specified, the generated password will only contain characters found in chars. You may use tr(1) range syntax, as shown in the EXAMPLES section.

    The options are as follows:

    Generate a password length characters in length.

    The mkpass utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

    Generate a password:

    $ mkpass

    Generate a password with a length of 40:

    $ mkpass -l 40

    Generate an alphanumeric password:

    $ mkpass '[:alnum:]'

    Generate a password containing only the lowercase letters of the latin alphabet:

    $ mkpass a-z

    head(1), totp(1), tr(1)

    Extended Description and -Documentation

    Thomas Voss <[email protected]>

    October 3, 2023 MangoOS