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  • One obvious advantage [of lisp syntax] is that there hardly *is* any syntax. You can learn enough Lisp syntax to write useful programs in about ten minutes.

    Mark J. Dominus

    If you are a prospective employer, you can view my CV here.

    Who Am I

    I’m Thomas, a self-taught recreational programmer. I like simplicity, and I take pride in actually understanding how my code works. This means I am deathly allergic to many things that plague modern software development. Things that include but are not limited to:

    Shoutouts to Prof. Pickle on Instructables by the way. Most of his stuff seems to have been deleted all these years later, but he was the guy that first got me into programming when I was in elementary school.

    These days my interests lie mostly in CLI development. I take a great joy in writing simple yet highly effective tools to solve problems not only in an easy-yet-extensible manner. I think my batch file-renaming utility mmv does a great job at that.

    That being said, I also have a great interest in operating systems, shells, and really anything that could be considered remotely low-level. I’m not totally afraid of front-end development, although I did write this site in plain HTML and CSS because modern HTML frameworks are the worst excuses for software I have ever seen.

    At the end of the day, I am a recreational programmer at heart and can and will code whatever interests me in the moment (CLI tools, emulators, Unicode libraries, etc.). I reject the premise that you need to write software for other people, that other people will use, or even software that you will use. I code for the joy of programming.